Security solution based on mobile devices provides an IoT level
of awareness, detection and recognition of the situation.

Our DFT-WR system is a security system based on mobile devices that
allows the user to detect weapons and threats using the latest in modern
technological advances. DFT-WR is the first device of its kind that allows
fast and accurate detection of hidden threats and weapons in a fully mobile
DFT-WR brings together a number of cutting-edge technologies, pragmatic
hardware design and user-friendly software in a robust and reliable platform
suitable for implementation in a wide range of environments and
DFT-WR has been specifically designed with military usage in mind, with
hardware developed to be shockproof, waterproof and rugged in all respects.
Why do you need DFT-WR?
The threat landscape is changing continuously and at a rapid pace.
Traditional security technologies for single or limited use do not provide the
agility and mobility necessary to provide adequate security to the assets of
governments, corporations and societies in general.
DFT-WR was developed to combat the increasing mobility of certain threats
by putting cutting-edge mobile technology in the hands of those who need it
most. Although DFT-WR has a multitude of possible use cases, in this
document we focus exclusively on military and police scenarios
From a distance of up to 40 feet / 12 meters, security agents or law
enforcement personnel can scan people into a crowd or an interested person
who approaches simply by pointing their smartphone with the connected

Some equipment benefits:

Detection of hidden and concealed weapons
integrated facial recognition
fast deployment
automated shooting detection
Battery operation
Patented mmWave chip
Thermal image camera

DFT-KNSCAN ™ is a patented detection system that combines the latest millimeter wave
(mmWave) technology with thermal imaging that allows the user to detect hidden threats in a
person. The way DFT-KNSCAN works means that it can detect both metallic and non-metallic
DFT-KNSCAN ™ is implemented within the DFT-WR system in such a way that the user can
detect a wide range of threats, including non-metallic explosive devices, tactical surveillance
countermeasures (TSCM) and 3D printed weapons.
Unlike other active technologies that produce and emit radiation to create an image, the DFTWR
technology is completely safe for both the people being scanned and the operators of the
system. The DFT-WR does not produce electromagnetic radiation of any kind. In addition, the
DFT-WR system allows operators to find objects and threats that are not easily detected with
other active technologies.
DFT-WR reveals the presence and location of potential threats by highlighting the object at the
top of the video image. In most applications, DFT-WR provides a privacy option that eliminates
the need for operators to see millimeter-wave images that might be considered too revealing.
The automatic interpretation of the millimeter wave information allows the DFT-WR to be
operated with a minimum and easily trained personnel; improves overall efficiency, reduces
labor requirements and eliminates operator fatigue problems.Tecnologías DFT-KNSCAN
Passive mmwave technology
Millimeter wave (mmwave) images have been widely adopted in military and security
applications, as they can penetrate fabrics and garments. The passive images of mmWave, in
particular, can generate interpretable images even in low visibility conditions such as fog, rain,
dust and smoke.
Passive millimeter-wave images provide secure, privacy-protected, reliable and economical
threat detection that is easy to implement and operate. The DFT-WR uses highly specialized
sensors to detect threats or contraband hidden under clothing in the human body, all from a
patented chip system.
The technology of DFT-WR is based on millimeter-wave emissions (a “glow”) emitted by all
objects. These natural emissions pass through the clothing, allowing the exceptionally sensitive
electronic components of DFT-WR to record and differentiate the energy levels emitted by
human skin and the lower energy levels of inanimate objects. DFT-WR produces a detailed moving image of the subject at 10 fps (frames per second), with sufficient resolution to reveal
objects less than 2 inches on each side.
Thermal image
The DFT-WR systems translate millimeter waves into a visible image in real time. The automatic
threat detection algorithms (ATD) of DFT-WR address this concern by merging millimeter-wave
detections with thermal separation images with a real-time video image of the subject, thus not
it is necessary to see the millimeter wave image directly.
The DFT-WR system incorporates a long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera with the following
Alert and automatic detection of threat detection (ATD)
The automatic threat detection algorithms (DTA) of DFT-WR combine millimeter wave
detections and thermal separation images with a real-time video image of the subject, so it is
not necessary to see the millimeter wave image directly.
The recognition of the hidden object is composed of preprocessing for extension, principal
component analysis (PCA), size normalization, extraction of feature vectors and a decision rule
as illustrated below. The enlargement process reduces the errors that occur when elements of
geometric shapes are extracted in the low resolution binary image.
Recognition of hidden objects
Summary of DFT-KNSCAN ™
DFT-WR applies its algorithms to combine the data inputs of the video, thermal and mmWave
transmissions to create an easy visualization of any threat that the system has identified.
DFT-KNSCAN capacity
In addition to its wide range of threat detection uses, DFT-KNSCAN ™ will also be able to
incorporate explosive material and CBRNE trace detection into its capabilities in the future.
DFT-WR has an integrated facial recognition system called DFT-SHSCAN ™ that uses the best
facial recognition software that can identify millions of faces in a customizable database in real
DFT-SHSCAN helps security teams to instantly identify people interested in live video to stop
threats before they occur. We provide real-time alerts about the people of interest at the time
of their capture.
DFT-SHSCANTM provides an AI-enabled security and identity management solution, with
surveillance, mobile facial recognition, access control and biometric data in an underlying
software platform.
The matching algorithm of our solution takes advantage of deep convolution neural networks to
achieve industry-leading speed and precision with a proven business scale
Accuracy of DFT-SHSCAN
To achieve industry-leading performance, our matching algorithm tracks 150,000 data points to
represent a face. This is 5 times more data points than the 30,000 Apple IDs. This makes our
algorithm very adept at changes in appearance and occlusions in a wide variety of difficult
situations and environments.
One of the greatest benefits of adding facial recognition solutions to your security, loss
prevention or surveillance efforts is the improvement and awareness of the threats at the time
when a known bad actor tries to enter an area. The faster you are notified of a possible
imminent threat, the more effectively it can be eliminated.
The DFT-SHSCAN matching algorithm can perform 25 million face-to-face comparisons, even
against very large databases of enrolled people.
In addition to the speed of matching and alerting, our platform generates an encrypted face
template in 35 milliseconds, the fastest rate in the industry. This means that DFT-SHSCAN can
generate 33 biometric templates per second.
DFT-WR can detect and locate the source of the shots and provide location information in real
time for each shot.
Alerts based on artificial intelligence are sent directly to mobile devices, which avoids the need
for costly or inaccurate human monitoring.
DFT-WR has its own microphone and amplifier specially designed for exclusive use for the use of
shot detection.
The system can create intelligent zones that would include the geographical location details of
the protected site, which guarantees that any firing of shots from protected areas or from
vehicles that the user may be operating does not create false alerts.
In addition, non-ballistic events such as slamming, wind noise, tactical radio transmissions,
vehicle traffic, firecrackers and urban activity do not cause false alerts.
Fire alerts are sent with georeferenced threat positions to facilitate coordination with other
military resources as necessary to control or eliminate threats.
DFT-WR instantly detects and displays the origin of incoming hostile shots in less than 1/4
second in a small, lightweight, and resilient way.
The alerts are made with an audible voice announcement with programmable distribution rules
for sending alerts.
Technological details of weapons detection.
DFT-WR trigger detection technologies have been tested in a wide variety of environments,
which specifically include stationary and mobile use cases.
Detection range
The test results of an independent test showed that the DFT-WR trigger detection function
detects the cannon explosion and can detect shock waves from supersonic projectiles. The
system automatically detected selected shots in ranges of up to 800 meters and receives the
shock wave of the projectile in ranges of up to 100 meters. All detected weapons reach ranges
of 400 meters.
DFT-WR is already the first device of its kind to combine the advanced technologies of mmWave,
thermal and AI to implement the technologies of detection of shots, concealment of weapons
and facial recognition in a single mobile solution and easy to use.
In addition to its already comprehensive capabilities in the future, DFT-WR will be available to
connect with a range of portable technologies, such as glasses and smart watches, that will
further improve its effectiveness.
Use cases
We anticipate a wide range of scenarios in which DFT-WR will provide demonstrable advantages
for asset protection and elimination of threats.
Examples of these scenarios include:
Improved access control
DFT-WR will provide immediate benefits to ensure that only authorized personnel have access
to protected areas. The capabilities of DFT-WR will increase the identification of staff in regular
and low-light conditions and when combined with your facial recognition solution they will
provide quick and reliable alerts for known bad actors. The ability of DFT-WR users to have a
recognition system combined with weapons detection capabilities in a single handheld device
will greatly improve access control and personnel security.
Fixed site protection for advanced operations bases
Using the mobile DFT-WR solution or the LED streetlight mounting system described below (or a
combination of both), the FOB site protection can be significantly improved. We believe that
DFT-WR has a range of tactical uses that place bulky or unattainable security measures in more
usable and mobile environments.
Detección de punto de control
Checkpoint detection
The DFT-WR solution will provide the best technologies of its kind for the personnel responsible
for the security of the control points.
Users will have reliable weapons detection capabilities within the same hand system that can
provide facial recognition information immediately and quickly.
Use of field
The range of circumstances under which DFT-WR could provide additional levels of threat
minimization is almost unlimited.
The use of DFT-WR soldiers would have improved the detection of mobile shots with precise
geographic location capabilities for the origin of the shot, even while moving inside the vehicle
and even with the prevailing ambient noise.
We anticipate that the use of the DFT-WR has significant benefits for the protection of US
military vehicles. UU And the allied troops.
Zone protection within a LED street lighting deployment
The internal hardware of DFT-WR will be mounted inside a smart LED street lamp that will allow
the light to perform the tasks of gun detection and shooting.
The detection / video stream will be transmitted live to an appropriate officer / troop to
respond to the actual location where the person was detected. The user of the DFT-WR device
will receive an alert if someone is detected with a weapon or a shot is fired.
The details of the location will be transmitted live so that the most efficient response possible
can be made.
Using DFT-WR technology in this way, it allows the creation of protected zones connected by
lanterns that contain DFT-WR technology.

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